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Medication Section Examples from C-CDA For all Medication examples the example task force agreed (8/28/2014) to only include institutionSpecified on the effectiveTime when the value is true. InstitutionSpecified indicates whether the exact timing is up to the party executing the schedule (e.g., to distinguish "every 8 hours" (false) from "3 times a day" (true)).

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Name Status

Anitbiotics with varied dosing

  • This is an example of a medication with dosing that varies over time.This is an example of a ...
Withdrawn Detail

Med Relative Dose IV Drug

  • an IV drug with a relative dose quantity that is based on weight, a drug vehicle used for ...
Pending Detail

Med at bedtime

  • This is an example of having a medication with event timing (take at bedtime or at the "hour of ...
Approved Detail

Med every 4-6 hours

  • This is an example of a medication (Sudafed) which to be administered every 4-6 hours, a common ...
Approved Detail

Med oral QID with PRN

  • This is an example of a medication which is QID and PRN (as needed) but with no precondition ...
Approved Detail

Med oral with indications and instructions

  • This is an example of a medication administered orally with a PRN coded precondition, ...
Approved Detail

Medication Frequency Patterns

  • This is a reference to a google document of [common medication frequency ...
Approved Detail

Medication statusCodes

  • This is a reference to a google document of [medication ...
Approved Detail

No Medications

  • This is an example of no medications
Approved Detail

Patient reported oral medication

  • Patients often report medications that they are taking, either self-prescribed or by another ...
Withdrawn (temporarily) Detail

Single administration of medication

  • This is an example of two baby aspirin being administered at a single point in time. At the ...
Approved Detail
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